4 gay boys, picked to become famous,
to live together for 6 months on gaywebcam and be put into situations that they have to get out ofwhile the world watches  the gaywebcam LIVE .

This is the best gay  reality tv  show ever. you get to watch gaywebcam 4 Gay boys forced to live together , deal with each other and face their own fears loves and challenges. They keep blogs and video diaries and you get to watch them and listen to them 24/7 you can even interact in live chats with them nightly. Come see how real these gay boys get in the gay real world reality show live ongaycam and gaywebcam live.






Now casting for Season 28 starting in July
How famous do YOU want to be ?

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Be part of the fame on gaywebcam.
Your experience starts here. As part of the Gay real world phenomenon  you will make fans all over the world that will watch you as you live Rent FREE in a room in the famous CBL house, Live with ALL gay guys, no need to worry about bringing a guy home, no one will judge, be YOURSELF be accepted. HBO made a real world movie about one group of Boys, Nathan Marshal from American Idol has lived here. Be part of the next batch of famous boys who are part of CBL anfd  The Gay Real World. You get to live for 6 months with 3 other Gay roommates and have your life documented and broadcast to the world on gaywebcam. Trips, fun and just being able to be yourself. that's an amazing experience. and the fame.

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We are looking for REAL people, not prema donnas or actors. Please be real, gay and 18-26 height and size proportionate